Blue & Gold Talent Show

The L'Amoreaux CI Blue and Gold Talent Show is one of the 2 main events hosted by the L'Am Drama Club. As opposed to the school play, which is drama focused, the talent show is focused on showcasing student talent such as singing/dancing etc.

I've been involved with the production of the show from 2015-2018.

Tech Setup

Main article Equipment

  • Usually, we run the show off of the bigger mixer Stage Crew has, the Yorkville AP812.
  • We use a 6 XLR, 3 TRS snake from music council to run the wired mics and speakers.

  • The FOH speakers are 2x Yorkville NX300 units.
  • We usually run the show mono so we can use one channel for main speakers, and the 2nd for monitor speakers.
  • The monitor speakers are the smaller Yamaha ones in the sound cart. (Historically, I don't think monitors were used, I always set them up though)
  • Main mics are Sennhesier E835 wired.
  • Main wireless changes based on year. In 2015/16, it was an Audio Technica, and a Soke no-name mic. In 17/18 it was our wireless Sennheiser we repaired.
  • 2018 show used wireless Line6 mics from L&M. They worked at the rehersal and sucked during the show due to 2.4G interference. I don't recommend them.
  • Since the show is in the caf, we use the main fresnel and leko lights.
  • I also added cyc lights to the back so we have RYB colours in the back.
  • We control them from the ETC Express 24/48, using the XLR port in Radio L'Am.

I'll add more stuff here as I remember.


I brought in my camera and had one of the members operate it for the 2017 and 2018 shows. 2015/2016 only have recordings from Yearbook club's camera.

Ms. Coniam might have tried to film some on her MiniDV camcorder as well, but I don't think we did. Ms. Coniam has earlier shows from the 2000s on MiniDV and VHS tapes in her office. I still have a working firewire capture card, so I can digitize them before the tapes lose their magnestism if someone lets her know…

The following videos are NOT under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license, and are copyrighted.

Here are the recordings I've published:

2017 -

2018 -

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